Ngozika O’keke is a marketing consultant turned socially conscious fashion designer now based in Los Angeles, CA. After 11 years of print modeling she began designing for her clothing label, Exquisite Designs by Ngozika while working on a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing. Shortly after completing school and establishing herself as a multi-cultural marketing/ad consultant and young designer, she returned to school and earned a Masters’ degree in Business Management.

Following graduate school & consulting for private sector firms it was the decision to re-brand the clothing line and relocate to Los Angeles, CA that changed the course of her career. The eponymous brand now has a cause. With ties to local charitable organizations, Ngozika O’keke Clothing now proudly donates a portion of all revenue to organizations that work with survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Using rich colors to create wearable art, Ngozika fuses her Nigerian heritage with a contemporary flair that gives way to the brand that has caught the eye of clients both domestic and international. Marrying the idea of fashion and philanthropy is what landed Ngozika the opportunity to compete on Season 3 of an international design reality show ‘Design Genius’ [ slated to air in 2017].

When asked about the brand she is building, Ngozika simply states that the idea is to bring awareness to/aid in prevention of assault and also make people look and feel fabulous while helping to improve the human experience.